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Duncan Bonomo's Turkish Taffy Contestant Award
Exhibit #3892
OwnerRick Brough

A Duncan Yo-Yo Top Contestant Award from about 1956 or 1957. On the back of the coupon, you were instructed to exchange the coupon at your neighborhood candy counter for a free bar of Bonomo's (pronounced BAH-nuh-mohs) Turkish Taffy. Bonomo Turkish Taffy is still made today (last accessed June 21, 2021).

Watch the Bonomo Turkish Taffy commercial from the 1950s!

This coupon was the equivalent of a participation award; that is, you won something just for entering the Duncan yo-yo contest.

Coupon expiration date was January 1, 1958.

Gold Medal Candy Corporation of Brooklyn, New York, was a sponsor of Duncan Yo-Yo contests going back to the early 1950s. As a yo-yo contestant, not only were you given a "valuable free coupon", but you also had the chance to earn a Bonomo's Turkish Taffy-branded Duncan patch.

See the following Bonomo's Turkish Taffy/Duncan Yo-Yo Winner patches:
Bonomo's Turkish Taffy/Duncan Yo-Yo Winner patch, mid 1950s, version A
Bonomo's Turkish Taffy/Duncan Yo-Yo Winner patch, mid 1950s, version B
Bonomo's Turkish Taffy/Duncan Yo-Yo Winner patch, early 1950s
Bonomo's Turkish Taffy/Duncan Yo-Yo Runner-up patch, early 1950s
Other Views
Coupon front, large
Coupon back, large
Three sequentially numbered coupons

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