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The Museum of Yo-Yo History is a labor of love, and we would not be able to stay up-to-date with exhibits without the support of our sponsors and curators. Big thanks go to One Drop Design and Duncan for supplying us with their latest models, YoYoExpert for their help and support, and to Cody Orr, TotalArtist and YoYoBrothers™ for allowing us to use their collections!

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Playmaxx/ProYo Vid-E-Yo GT
Exhibit #3785
TypeSpecial Release
ShapeConcave )-(
ColorRed & Cornflower Blue
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
ResponseBrake Pad
Diameter2.25 inch
ConditionMint in Package
Number Produced50
OwnerDavid Hall

The standard Vid-E-Yo was a special version of the Turbo Bumble Bee in an assortment of Crayon colors. The Vid-E-Yo had the same setup as a standard Bee, but with special sides. One side was a World Team Proyo logo. The other was a lenticular side cap with a Demonstrator and a Trick displayed. With the lenticular action, it looked like the performer was doing the trick when you moved the yo-yo. It came standard in the proyo hard case box.

In 2000, I asked the owner of Proyo why there had never been a GT or butterfly version. He responded with this model, sold only thru my store, only 50 made. The GT version were made using prototype color halves, cornflower blue and red. Also, for the special release, Playmaxx included the complete set of "magic motion" lenticular sides. There were 10 in the set, 2 of each World Team Proyo member ... Yohans, Higby, Kate Miller, Ben, and Julius. So you could choose your favorite demonstrator or trick when assembling your yo-yo.
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