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Mr Yodel FAST 201
Exhibit #3696
TypeSpecial Release
ShapeConcave )-(
ColorClear & Grey
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
GapAdjustable - Twist
OwnerDavid Hall

Another example of the amazing yo-yo artwork of master artist, John Higby, Mr Yodel. Here he has taken a clear Arizona release Fast 201 and painted the inside surfaces, and even dyed some of the internal parts. Notice the detail of the cartoon characters and love put into each one of his creations.

FAST 201 was the premier first release from Yoyofactory. It featured a completely new and unique response, Fully Active Starburst Technology, F.A.S.T. Starburst response could be adjusted, and less response the faster the spin. The clear outer shells show the response spring, which came in several colors, grey, yellow, blue. Profile and Response views show a yellow spring.

Other Views
Profile View
Logo Side Views
Alternate Views
Response View

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