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The Museum of Yo-Yo History is a labor of love, and we would not be able to stay up-to-date with exhibits without the support of our sponsors and curators. Big thanks go to One Drop Design and Duncan for supplying us with their latest models, YoYoExpert for their help and support, and to Cody Orr, TotalArtist and YoYoBrothers™ for allowing us to use their collections!

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Duncan Fire Wheels
Exhibit #3643
ShapeConcave )-(
PackagingBubble Carded
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerRick Brough

The international version of the Duncan Wheel, made in West Germany (so, before 1990!). This hard-to-find version (at least here in the USA), was sold in Great Britain and other European countries. Identical hub cap design to the American version, but with a different model name.

Don Robertson was a European Yo-Yo champion around 1972 who first worked for Lumar (a European yo-yo maker), along with Art Pickles, a very popular yo-yo demonstrator from Britain. He then worked for Duncan Yo-Yo, also as a demonstrator. In 1986, Don Robertson authored the paperback 50 Tricks with a Duncan Yo-yo. See a much older Don Robertson (1990) demonstrating his yo-yo skills in front of a live audience.

See also the Duncan Wheel - General Lee and Duncan Wheels.
Other Views
Card front, large
Card back, large
Close-up of side face

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