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Hummingbird Adult YoYo
Exhibit #3615
ShapeStandard (-)
FinishClear Coat
Diameter57 mm
Weight47 gm
OwnerRick Brough

The Adult Yo-Yo was one of last releases from Hummingbird, near the mid 1990s. While it was marketed to be a yo-yo for adults, it really was just a basic three piece maple yo-yo. Hard to find.

This same model of yo-yo also came in a dark brown with gold foil stamped version.

The original product description for the Adult YoYo on the back of the card and also on page 3 of the Hummingbird 1993 toy catalog:
"Think back. Remember that simpler time before you were an adult? Before everything needed batteries?

Well here at Hummingbird Toys we still believe in basics. We've been making real wooden yoyos for years and have never lost our fascination with the remarkable toy. (Did you know that yoyo goes back thousands of year to Ancient Greece?)

So, after all these years, we thought it was about time for an Adult YoYo.
Hey—why should kids have all the fun! The Adult YoYo. A hunk of wood, a piece of string and most importantly, YOU."

Original retail price: $ US.
Other Views
Card front, large
Close-up of face
Card back, large

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