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ILOVEYOYO dotE1NS - Run #2 of 2 (mini)
Exhibit #3587
ShapeConcave )-(
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseCBC Slim Pad
Diameter46 mm
Width37 mm
Weight59 gm
Number Produced18
OwnerRick Brough

From the ILYY website, posted August 23, 2018 by ILYY (This post referenced Run #1 of the dotE1NS of which 12 units were made in a polished finish of Black/Orange)

Designed in Germany and made in China.

"In the footsteps of a legend

It has been over a decade since we cooked up the crazy idea of making our own little yoyo to enjoy. Back in the day, the amount of different shapes, sizes, weight, construction types etc. was limited and we felt there was a void regarding small but powerful aluminum yoyos. So we stuck our heads together and after many discussions came up with basic shape of our first yoyo – the legendary E1NS.

We went through many iterations throughout the years following its initial release with different weight distributions, colours, finishes, sizes (2WEI), guts and so forth. But each and every of these versions came with the distinct E1NS-feel.

Letting it shine once more after its 10th birthday was only a matter of 'when'. Since we had projects running that we wanted to complete beforehand (DR3I, 3145, Solid) this project got a little pushed behind, but not for the worse. Had we had the time back then, it would only have been a normal E1NS. But if you know us by now, you realize that this not ILYY-like at all.

From this extra time to think about the new E1NS we came up with the strong desire to combine old and new. We used our old sketches and blueprints to achieve an overall shape as close as possible to the OG from 2007. But then we turned the madness-dial all the way to superundersize and shrank the yoyo to a mere 45.6mm in diameter. To compensate the weight reduction we then replaced a part of the rim with steel inserts that retain the exact overall shape. For such a small yoyo to feel right, its weight needs to come down as well. The 59g are just right for the small guy."

From the ILYY website, posted November 19, 2018 by ILYY (This post referenced Run #2 of the dotE1NS yo-yo of which 18 units were made. This exhibit refers to the yo-yo from Run #2 in a soda blast finish in Grey/Orange.)

"New dotE1NS batch!

We received amazing feedback and demand for the dotE1NS so we decided to have another batch of 18 pieces made.

This time we went for a soda blasted finish and more subtle vintage colours."

The yo-yos from Run #1 (first) and Run #2 (last) were identical in diameter, width, weight, response pad size, and bearing used. The only difference between the two runs was the finish, color, and quantity made.

Ball bearing used was the ILYY KMKct in size C and the body was made out of 6061 aluminum.

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Original retail price: 100€ (about $115 US November 19, 2018)

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