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Duncan Strombeck Mister Yo-Yo Tractor (Mr.)
Exhibit #3555
ShapeStandard (-)
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerRick Brough

A Duncan quality pre-school toy probably from around 1963-1965, manufactured by Strombeck in Illinois. Yes, Duncan had even diversified into pre-school toys back then.

According to some Strombeck history web sites (http://collectair.org/strombecker.html), the company produced toys for Duncan sometime in the late 1940s (and later, I assume), and then produced yo-yos using the original Duncan manufacturing equipment (Duncan was bankrupt by then) around 1966 to about 1972.

Strombeck was primarily known for its wooden toys, wooden doll house furniture, and solid wood model airplane kits and ship kits.

These Strombeck-Duncan toys have surfaced in recent years:

• mister yo-yo duncan fire engine
• mister yo-yo duncan tractor

I contacted the seller of the Tractor (whose mother-in-law was Sharon Strombeck) and was told that up until the summer of 2017, there was new, old stock of Strombeck toys that were stored in the Strombeck family garage in Moline, Illinois. The cartons had remained unopened since the day the Strombeck factory was sold (not sure when that occurred or to whom it was sold). The family, at that time, prepared to sell some of these old treasures and a few of them were sold in recent years.

On a side note, Sharon Strombecker had no recollection of the Duncan Fire Engine or any other Duncan toy with wheels; she only knew of the Tractor. Given that the Strombeck product line was made up of 100s of different toy items more than 60 years ago, I wasn't surprised that she couldn't remember any other Duncan-branded pre-school toys beyond the Tractor.

A "mister yo-yo duncan racer", resembling a Cub Scout Pinewood Derby car with the head of Mister Yo-Yo in the driver's seat, was also made by Strombeck.

Original retail price: $ US.
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