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Dif-e-Yo Daizzy-yo
Exhibit #3489
TypeSpecial Release
FinishPowder Coated
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseBrake Pad
OwnerRick Brough

The Dif-e-Yo Daizzy-yo was master machinist Frank Difeo's freshman release from January, 2002. Its production totalled 55 with each yo-yo serial numbered from 00 to 55.

The yo-yo halves were florescent yellow powder coated aluminum with an inner machined area that fit a cork response pad made by ProYo who branded them as BPT (Brake Pad Technology). The one-quarter inch stainless steel axle was combined with a special machined groove in the center of the stainless steel ball bearing axle (.125 wide X .375 dia.). The groove kept the string center on the bearing when the yo-yo was spinning. When completely assembled, the yo-yo had a .095" string gap width and an overall width of 28 mm. Weight was 69.5 grams.

The complete package included extra cork response pads, strings, a Dif-e-Yo foil sticker, and custom Dif-e-Yo aluminum display stand.

Original retail price: $125 US.
Other Views
Side, face, large
With custom stand

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