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Duncan 15 trick Silver Award, ver. 1
Exhibit #3412
OwnerRick Brough

Silver award (second place) 15 trick patch, circa 1958.

It's not entirely clear what patch came after this one. Based on the 8, 15, and 22 trick patches that Duncan had issued in previous years, it suggests that there was a 22 trick award patch that followed the same design theme as the one depicted here. However, to my knowledge, no such patch design exists. The closest may be the Duncan 22 trick Expert Award with a similar chevron embroidery along its bottom edge.

See also the Duncan 8 trick Bronze Award, version 1 patch that has the same design theme as the patch in this exhibit.

See also the Duncan 15 trick Silver Award, version 2 patch.

Contrary to what others have claimed or visually depicted in auctions, these 8- and 15-trick award patches with this same design theme did not go with the Duncan chevron-shaped award patch set.
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