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Henrys Woodoo modular axle
Exhibit #3120
AxleTransaxle - Wood
PackagingDisplay Boxed
GapAdjustable - Twist
OwnerRick Brough

Henrys AXYS product line was an innovative modular axle system made exclusively for the Henrys Viper, Coral Snake, Cobra, Tiger Snake, and Lizard models from 1999.

The AXYS system consisted of four interchangable axle types that you could use on any Henrys yo-yo model. The different axles let you customize the play and feel of the yo-yo you were using. The exception was the Viper. Any pre-May 1999 Viper was incompatible with the AXYS system.

The four different AXYS axles were the following:

Shockhead - a replacement fixed wooden axle ideal for looping. Original retail price: $8 US.

Slider - a plastic transaxle bearing sleeve that was ideal for sleepers. Original to the Lizard model. Original retail price: $8 US.

Woodoo - a wooden transaxle ideal for control. Original retail price: $8 US.

Speed Explosion - ball bearing axle for long spin times. Original retail price: $12 US.
Other Views
Package front, large
Close-up of axle
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