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Cheerio Players - 1956
Exhibit #3076
OwnerRick Brough

Photograph of yo-yo players at the Centre Mall in Hamilton, Ontario (mall was demolished in 2006). Taken Tuesday, April 3, 1956. It's not clear from the photograph whether the players were there for a contest, a demonstration, or both. Either way, the row of players extends far off into the distance.

See the Large image. Note the Cheerio Pepsi-Cola Yo-Yo Champion patch sewn onto the sweater vest of two boys; a very hard-to-find patch. The same two boys each have a Cheerio Yo-Yo Junior Instructor single wing patch as well. The boy wearing the Pepsi-Cola patch near the front also has a Cheerio Yo-Yo Gold Award iron-on patch on his vest. Other patches are barely visible.

Seeing the facial expressions of the players and the tricks they are performing, you can almost hear their excitement and anticipation!
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