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Jack Russell Coca-Cola Yo-Yo Promotional flyer
Exhibit #3020
OwnerRick Brough

A Jack Russell/Coca-Cola yo-yo flyer from Japan promoting the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California, 1984.

When you bought Coca-Cola products, you received a scratch and win card with two chances to win one of two different Jack Russell yo-yo products. If three images matched on a row, you won (see the image of the card on the flyer). You then submitted your winning card to the store personnel where you purchased your Coke product. They would then award you your prize. The scratch and win prizes were the following:

An Olympic licensed Jack Russell "Gold Medal Yo-Yo". Made of white plastic with gold chrome.

A flocked "Eagle Sam" patch. You could choose from one of five colored patch versions as seen on the flyer.

You were also given a chance to earn a dual yo-yo holder with two Jack Russell yo-yos. You had to collect six triangle cards at the yo-yo contest venue. How those were collected I'm not sure.

The flyer also announced the sale of special Olympic-themed Jack Russell yo-yos featuring Eagle Sam the 1984 Summer Olympic mascot. The prices list for the yo-yos are in yen. The flyer mentions for you to see the yo-yo contest poster at the front of the store where you buy Coke products. The poster listed the date and time of the yo-yo contest.

The back of the flyer lists yo-yo tricks that presumably would be part of the contest along with other prizes you could win.

DOWNLOAD PDF (624 KB) to see the complete flyer.

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