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YoYoFactory Loop 1080 - Shu Takada
Exhibit #2783
TypeSpecial Release
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
Diameter58 mm
Width33 mm
GapAdjustable - Twist
Weight51 gm
OwnerRick Brough

YoYoFactory (Loop) 1080 - Shu Takada edition. This yo-yo model was the result of a cross-collaboration effort between two yo-yo websites: YoYoExpert run by Andre Boulay of USA and YoYoAddict run by Hiroyuki Suzuki of Japan. The name on one halve of the yo-yo, "Shu Takada", is a nod to Shu who is a world class 2A looper sponsored by YoYoFactory.

This model came out December, 2013 and was sold both by YoYoExpert (represented by the "X" image on the yo-yo) and by YoYoAddict (represented by the triangle image).

The 1080 was a yo-yo designed specifically for looping, also known as 2A play. Translucent black sidecaps and translucent red body halves. Uses a size K ball bearing axle. Starburst response.

The Loop 1080 model was discontinued by YoYoFactory sometime in mid to late 2017. It was replaced by the Loop 2020 model that came out in September, 2018.

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• Loop 1080 - Shaqler (glow)
• Loop 1080 - Shu Takada (electric glow)

Original retail price: $ US
Other Views
Side B, angled, large
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