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Auldey Fire Spirit
Exhibit #2613
ShapeConcave )-(
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ResponseSilicon Ring
Diameter59 mm
Weight71 gm
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerRick Brough

An interesting and innovative design from Auldey. Considered a level 3 yo-yo (intended for experienced/advanced players of dead response yo-yos), the Fire Spirit uses a size C, concave 10-ball bearing and Auldey-branded response pads. The body is CNC metal with red and orange anodizing. The side of each halve is entirely covered by a clear, slightly concave plastic "cap". The cap functions like a super oversized Z-stack seen on some YoYoFactory models. In fact, the cap actually extends slightly over the rim which means you can balance the yo-yo on its edge, while it is still spinning. You can also hold the yo-yo by the caps using your index finger and thumb while it is still spinning to open up other possibilities of creative play.

Like most other Auldey yo-yos, the packaging includes a radar graph. The graph is intended to help you visualize the data points of six playing characteristics of the yo-yo. Strong characteristics are indicated by the portion of the graph that is closest to the characteristic's name; conversely, weak portions are indicated by the characteristic falling closer to the middle of the chart. Clockwise, starting at the 12 o'clock position, the six characteristics are labeled as follows: sleep time (or revolving time), fault tolerance, stability, sensitivity (responsiveness), speed, and strength. Depending on if you enjoy an original response yo-yo or a dead response yo-yo, you can view the sensitivity rating as either good or bad. The chart indicates that the yo-yo is not very sensitive.

Watch Fire Spirit in action. (last accessed October 27, 2016)

Depending on the translation, this model is also known as Flame Soul and Blaze Soul.

The Fire Spirit is similar in idea to the "Manual Acceleration" and "Photon Spirit" yo-yos also from Auldey.

This yo-yo, among many others that Auldey has released, is based on the Chinese animated television series "Blazing Teens" that debuted in China, 2006. The show's premise is yo-yo competitions among youth and schools. Read more about "Blazing Teens" on Wikipedia. There are also viewable episodes on YouTube.
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Package front, large
Package, back

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