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Lithopinion, 1970
Exhibit #2573
OwnerRick Brough

The One and Only Yo-Yo Book by George Malko. A portion of the book, in different form, appeared originally in his 10 page magazine article titled, "Will there ever be another yo-yo champ". The article was published in Lithopinion during the summer of 1970. Mr. Malko's research and work on the article and book actually extends back to July, 1966. The book itself is a fascinating, personal look into the history of yo-yo, beginning with Pedro Flores in the late 20s and on through the decades with Donald F. Duncan. It basically ends with Don Duncan, Jr. mentioning his patent on a new model he called the Pro-Yo. There are excellent photographs throughout the book that you won't see any where else. Two appendices are devoted to listing yo-yo tricks. The last appendix is an honor roll of the original 42 Filipino yo-yo demonstrators. They are certainly credited with popularizing yo-yos in America.

Magazine details
Magazine title: Lithopinion 18
Released: Summer 1970
Volume 5, Number 2, Issue 18
Article: Will there ever be another yo-yo champ?
Author: George Malko
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Front cover, large
Table of contents

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The One and Only Yo-Yo Book
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