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Cheerio Yo-Yo Demonstration - 1933
Exhibit #2558
ColorPoint Grey High School, Vancouver, B.C.
OwnerRick Brough

Photograph of a man standing on the roof of a car, demonstrating yo-yo techniques to children. The picture was taken Tuesday, March 28, 1933 in front of what is now Point Grey Secondary school at 37th and East Boulevard, Kerrisdale district of Vancouver, B.C. The school was built in 1929 and began as a junior high. Today, students in grades 8-12 attend. (It's also the high school from which I graduated in the 70s. Little did I know back then about its place in Vancouver yo-yo lore.) The tree behind the children is still there to this day, but much larger in diameter and height.

See the approximate location of the demonstrator and view of the school as it looks today, including the tree behind the kids! (open in Google Maps and rotate your view until you see the school)

The man on the car was there as a yo-yo demonstrator for either Hiker or Cheerio. If you look closely at the "Large" picture in this exhibit, you can barely make out a patch sewn on the front of his sweater. A large sign was hung on both sides of the car advertising the Sun Yo Yo contest, sponsored by the Vancouver Sun newspaper. The grand prize for the winner was $100 (equivalent to winning $1,930 in 2017). A considerable sum of money to a child in 1933.
Other Views
Outside the school today (2020)

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