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Flores 1948 newspaper story
Exhibit #2345
OwnerOwner Owner

Originally published in "The Bakersfield Californian" newspaper, 1948. The month and day are unknown.

Photo caption text:
“’HERE’S how to operate a yo-yo,’ Mrs. Norman Brookes tells her three young daughters as she demonstrates the first step in the ‘round-the-world’ trick. Mrs. Brookes, of 2601 Lomita Verde drive, was Southern California yo-yo champion 20 years ago when she was a teen-aged Catherine Hyatt, of Los Angeles. Watching Mother for instructions, left to right, are BARBARA, 11; ROBERTA, eight, and JO ANN, four. The two older girls are pupils in Longfellow school. They were improving their yo-yo technique for the contest which the Bakersfield Recreation commission sponsored.”
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