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Yomega X-Brain Yo Dawg - #2 of 6
Exhibit #2111
TypeSpecial Release
AxleTransaxle - Plastic
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerRick Brough

An X-Brain yo-yo. Number two of six Yomega yo-yos offered by McDonald's between November 21 and December 21, 2000.

The "X-BRAIN" yo-yo is a plastic yo-yo with a centrifugal clutch, and it works this way: when the yo-yo is thrown hard enough towards the ground, the clutches separate and allow the yo-yo to spin freely. As the yo-yo slows down, springs push the clutches back together until they grab hold of the axle. At this point, the yo-yo winds up and returns automatically to the player's hand.

"With the purchase of any Yomega/McDonald's X-Brain or Firestorm for $2 (food purchase necessary), you could be the proud new owner of a Power Brain. Inside every package looms the chance of winning this new generation of yo-yo."

Original retail price: $4 US.
Other Views
Package front, angled
Package back
Complete set

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