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YoYoFactory Grind Machine (aluminum)
Exhibit #2058
ShapeConcave )-(
ConstructionMulti-piece metal
ResponseResponse Sticker
Weight76 gm
Number Produced98
OwnerRick Brough

The Grind Machine was an aluminum butterfly model, with an adjustable string gap, and a ball bearing axle. It was a customizable model. It weighed 75.5 grams, but the weight could be customized by the user. The aluminum body sports a polycarbonate lens cap. Not only is the gap adjustable by twisting the halves, but it also comes with an extra set of thick spacers as well. For the response system, it comes with three different types of adhesive pads so that a user could select the response system that best fit their style of play.

The pads included the following:
• One pair of red response stickers made from No.2 Pencil Eraser with medium to aggressive response.
• One pair of black stickers made from 3-ply river raft for aggressive response.
• One pair of tan stickers made from faux leather for a smooth and forgiving response.

This yo-yo was the first run of the first version of the Grind Machine, supposedly limited to 98 pieces. Unfortunately, the yo-yo was not serial numbered.
Also came with two extra strings.

Collected December 10, 2003.

Original retail price: $55 US.
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