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Duncan The Art of Yo-Yo Playing (1950)
Exhibit #2033
OwnerRick Brough

Duncan-produced "The Art of Yo-Yo Playing" booklet containing 40 tricks for ten cents.

This booklet is identical in trick content to the 1947 version. However, there are a few notable differences in this version such as the following:

• Contains photographs.
• Uses a different booklet title.
• Uses a different Duncan "seal" on the cover.
• Inside title page does not match the title on the cover; instead, it matches the 1947 version.
• Back cover includes pictures of prizes and patches you could win.

This booklet is also nearly identical to the 1950 Cheerio The Art of Yo-Yo Playing booklet.

What is notable is the original names of the tricks, some of which people have tried to rename over the years.

As with the 1947 version, the Preface section contains interesting information about certain American World War II veterans who were yo-yo champions prior to the War. Many names are recognized as well-known, professional players such as Jack Russell, Walter "Tex" Schultz, Gene Mauk, and Barney Akers.

Compare the Preface section in this booklet with the Preface section in the 1950 Canadian Cheerio trick booklet, also found in this museum. The paragraph in the Cheerio booklet about Canadian yo-yoing war veterans and their notable military service is completely fictitious.
Other Views
Close-up, front cover
Back cover
Photographs in booklet
Inside, title page

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