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YoYoFactory Roll Model
Exhibit #1781
ShapeConcave )-(
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseCBC Slim Pad
Diameter53.8 mm
Estimated Value$76
OwnerCody Orr

The Roll Model is a Steve Brown signature produced by YoYoFactory for their champions collection.

From Steve Brown:
The Roll Model came about because I'd been harassing Ben for years about making another great "daily player" yoyo that was metal with plastic caps. Ever since those first Grind Master/Grind Monster/Hype/Hoax/Fad yoyos from YoYoFactory I'd really been in love with the idea of a metal yoyo with plastic caps. I really wanted to revisit that particular shape, but the weight distribution on those wasn't great and Ben kept putting me off.

When the chance came around to be part of the Champions Collection I sent Ben a drawing that I thought would work...for a metal yoyo with plastic caps. To my surprise he said "Hell yeah, let's do it" and I had a prototype a couple of months later. After a few tweaks from Ben to make it a little more shelf-friendly, the Roll Model was born. Ben named it, his nod to the shirt I was wearing during my 1999 Bay Area Classic freestyle where I introduced counterweight play for the first time.

Fun fact about the packaging: when you open the box, you'll notice that one flap has fur printed on it. That's a close-up photo of a reindeer pelt that I bought at an outdoor market in Norway. When Hans first emailed me and asked for a photo for the back of the box, I sent him a half dozen photos of me, shirtless, with a reindeer pelt thrown over one shoulder, and holding an enormous broadsword. His response was "This might actually be brilliant, but send us some other pictures just in case." They used one of the other pictures, but that bit of fur ended up on the box flap as an inside joke.
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