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YoYoJam Surge
Exhibit #1736
ShapeConcave )-(
ColorGreen with White Caps
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
ResponseSilicon Ring
Gap Width3.55mm
Estimated Value$16
OwnerGrahame Wright

From the yo-yoshop.com website:
"For years YoYoJam asked the question. Can the affordable all plastic yo-yo play like an all metal yo-yo? Can you get that solid feel and momentum from a yo-yo at less then half the price? Taking what was learned from the leading beginner’s choice, the ‘Classic’, YoYoJam accomplishes the impossible. Feel the power in the SURGE.

Surge has everything you would come to expect in a high end advanced yo-yo. It features YoYoJam’s signature Solid Spin Axle system, silicone response, and a smooth spinning Speed Bearing (10 Balls). Off your first throw you can FEEL the power of it’s spin surging on and off the string.

With Surge designing a solid feel was not only the goal but the true challenge. A two piece plastic composite body accomplishes this in ways no other yo-yo can, giving you supreme rim weighting and that solid feel you just will not find in any other plastic yo-yo. It is the plastic yo-yo for the modern yo-yo player built competition ready out of the box.

Plastic yo-yos are not just toys anymore. Put the power of the competition-ready SURGE to work for you."

From the yoyoplay.com website:
"With the new Surge yoyo, Yoyojam decided to see if it is possible to create a low cost plastic yoyo that plays as well as a metal yoyo. They went with two pieces of plastic on each side, which they accented with a color change. Why did they do it this way? It was all about adding weight, and putting at lot of that weight at the outside edges of the yoyo to improve spin time and stability. If you look at the weight, you'll notice that it's slightly heavier than the Dark Magic II, which has metal rings!

The Yoyojam Surge yoyo has a silicone response system, and uses a wide C bearing. That means -- you guessed it -- it's a non-responsive yoyo. Non-responsive or unresponsive means that when you throw a sleeper with this yoyo and tug on the string, it will not wake up. You'll need to learn to do a bind trick (a trick that throws a bunch of string into the gap of the spinning yoyo, forcing it to climb back up the string toward your hand). Yoing non-responsive lets you do all kinds of new school tricks like grinds, which are not really possible with a traditional yoyo that wakes up.

It's worth the effort to learn how to bind – especially when you consider the low price of this yoyo. Try it, if you don't know how! This yoyo is so cheap that you should just add it to your cart and buy it RIGHT NOW! Find out for yourself how fun it is to play with, and impress your friends with the cool, bright plastic look."

From the yoyorewind.com website:
"The Surge is the new counterpart for the Classic, allowing you to practice your binds!

YoYoJam has a serious lineup of great beginner yo-yos for great prices, and the Surge is the new step-up model for the budding yo-yo master.

Built much like the Classic, the Surge uses silicone pads instead of O-rings for response, and it is bind-response straight out of the box.

At 71 grams, the Surge is a heavy throw and has the power to match. Actually, although it may look like a colorful but simple design, the Surge's real strength comes from its weight, which helps keeps strong stability and control during play. The Surge is a great choice for the step up to bind response."

Released 2013

Original retail price: $16 US
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Side View
Response View
Spinning View

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