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The Museum of Yo-Yo History is a labor of love, and we would not be able to stay up-to-date with exhibits without the support of our sponsors and curators. Big thanks go to One Drop Design and Duncan for supplying us with their latest models, YoYoExpert for their help and support, and to Cody Orr, TotalArtist and YoYoBrothers™ for allowing us to use their collections!

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Tom Kuhn Purgatory 2 Light
Exhibit #1358
ShapeStandard (-)
FinishClear Coat
ColorNatural Maple
ConstructionThree piece wood
Estimated Value$65
OwnerDavid Hall

This mandala is another design that waited years on my hard drive for Tom Kuhn to go back in production on No Jives. In 2006, I asked Oke Rosgana to create a Purgatory Snowflake design, similar to the old Aspen, Colorado snowflake. Purgatory Colorado is one of my favorite places on earth. Oke came up with two designs. But no parts were available, and the designs waited until 2013 before they could be made.

Only 40 were made in the standard shape with LIGHT background. Half were sold online at the Tom Kuhn website.

Tom Kuhn yo-yos wanted to run a second batch of Purgatory 1 to sell at their online store. But the store selling them at the resort wanted to be the only store selling that design. So we brought the second of Oke's designs into service.

After all the problems with Purgatory 1, I jumped at the chance to try again and get them "right". Except for a few miscentered logos, the Purgatory 2's were a much more successful run. Overcoming all the issues of the first time around. Larger, better centered logos. And no phantom logo rings like the first time around. And much darker clearer staining as well.
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